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Palm oil is an indispensable ingredient in our soaps. It is a vegetable based carrier oil that gives the final product a hardness that allows it to last longer. It also imparts a creamy, moisturizing lather. There are other oils that impart hardness to finished soap however; they are animal bi-products and do not fit with our ethical and socially responsible methods for production.

The majority of palm oil is used in bio-fuels and the widespread destruction of rain forest cleared for palm plantations is of great concern. This is why we source all of our organic palm oil from RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil) members. Set up by growers, manufactures, and non-government organizations the RSPO has established a sustainable supply chain for palm oil through good production practice, legislation, and education. RSPO’s members represent 40% of the current global palm oil production.

While establishment of the RSPO is rooted in positive intent, palm oil production is not free from controversy. However, the efforts of certain well-established producers in conjunction with the initiatives of certain organizations are a step in the right direction. As a cash crop it brings necessary revenue generation to communities in developing countries.

We will continue to craft our soaps in the most environmentally responsible way while aligning our production process for waste reduction. To reduce our carbon impact even more, we near source our ingredients and use only natural biodegradable packaging. We hope you enjoy each product as much as we enjoy making them.