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Carbon Bamboo L3C

As a company, we are proud to bring you bambú charcoal soap, artisanally produced by hand in Austin, TX. We make our 100% natural soap utilizing sustainably made bamboo charcoal. Proceeds from the sales of our soap help to continue our socially responsible work.

Carbon Bamboo L3C, partners with farmers in developing countries to produce bamboo charcoal for use in consumer products. Sales of which, fuel the company’s goals to increase the use of improved charcoal retort technologies, maintaining focus on education of energy efficiency solutions for the many people that rely on biomass as their primary fuel source.

Charcoal has many applications. It is used in everything from water filtration, food and cosmetics production, and as a traditional and necessary fuel source for 70% of the world’s population. People use charcoal to heat their homes and cook food on a daily basis. For grilling in the U.S. alone we use 100,000 tons of wood lump charcoal annually. All of which come from tree sources.

Our fundamental quest to educate the consumer and the world about the benefits of utilizing bamboo, in place of trees specifically, in the production of charcoal for use in fuel, water filtration, and agricultural applications is the driving force behind Carbon Bamboo L3C. As a socially responsible L3C, we strive to solve an environmental threat by manufacturing sustainable products that allow us to reinvest into education, planting bamboo, and to help continue our work.