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85% Organic

Why 85% Organic

The chemistry of soap is a magical thing. Lye makes up 12-15%, by weight, of the original ingredients for bar soap. It doesn’t exist in the final soap product, but organic regulations require that ingredients be traced back to the beginning, to the product’s origins, and then be accounted for in organic percentages. It is because of these organic regulations that we cannot put the USDA logo on our soap.

We believe that playing by the organic rules is worth it. Especially being able to prove the quality of our product to you. We make every one of our soap bars with a minimum of 85% organic ingredients. It identifies a level of soap quality and commitment to making a great honest product.

It is not just numbers, it’s the commitment to the most natural product possible. This means no synthetics or toxins to irritate the skin or be washed down the drain and passed on. Organic means a safe, high-quality product you can feel good about using, and we know it means something, especially with so many ingredients in skincare turning out to be bad for us.